Dog Grooming

Doggie Style Dog Grooming provides high-quality style dog grooming services for the beauty and wellness of your dog. We use only canine spa quality and eco-friendly grooming products for all your dog’s grooming needs.

Every groomer in our shop believes in the quality of your dog’s experience.  We book appointments for the actual time (or within 20 minutes) that the groomer will begin the groom so there are no long waits in a kennel for your dog. A personal groomer will greet you and discuss what you would like done for your pup upon arrival and provide you with an estimated time frame when you can pick up your dog. We will send you a text and/or give you a call when your dog is ready to go home. 

Regular grooming helps keep your pup clean, refreshed, and healthy . . . your dog will be turning heads in no time. All dogs deserve a new doo every now and then, because a little extra love and care go a long way.

A La Carte Services Menu/Add-Ons:

  • CO2 Spa Conditioning (Added to bath – Boosts immune system, removes mineral deposits, conditions skin & coat & helps regrow hair.) — $7.00
  • Dead Sea Mud Treatment  (Added to bath — Removes impurities, exfoliates skin and coat. Deep conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat. Adds shine and gloss to coat.) — $10.00
  • Blueberry Facial (Added to bath — Exfoliates, brightens, whitens, and is tearless.) — $7.00
  • Nail Trim/Nail Grind — $7.00
  • Sanitary —  $10.00
  • Paw Trim — $15.00
  • Teeth Gel — $7.00
  • Anal Glands — $10.00
  • Face, Feet &  Fanny Trim — $15.00
  • Ear Cleaning — $7.00
  • Paw Balm (Conditions, Restores Moisture & Softens paw pads in all weather conditions.) — $7.00

Mini-Grooming Packages:


Includes Nail Trim OR Nail Grind, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Gel & a Splash of Cologne for that perfect look! ($25 Value) — $11.00


Includes Nail Trim OR Nail Grind, Ear Cleaning, 15 Minutes of Brushing**, Teeth Gel & a Splash of Cologne for that special look! ($36 Value) — $21.00


*All Services Are By Appointment Only

**Does not include any matt removal. For large and long coated breeds, this may or may not be enough time to complete your dog’s brushing. You may purchase an additional 15 minutes for $10. 

(Call us at 303.469.1540 for your appointment today!)