Dog Bakery

The dog bakery is open!

We have a large assortment of dog bakery treats in our bakery case and freshly made Peanut Butter Birthday Cakes and Birthday Pupcakes in our freezer ready to go for your pup’s special day. These are approximately 4″ in diameter and 2.50″ tall (no cake topper).

We also offer custom cakes. Our custom cakes are approximately 4″ in diameter and  2.50″ tall. The perfect size for a small doggie get-together (6 – 8 dogs) or for the birthday boy or girl with leftovers to freeze for another day of celebration!

All custom cakes come with a cake-safe topper with your pup’s name, a fun animal character & age . . . all in a fun colored design. Our moist, special recipe of Coconut, Honey & Orange is beneficial to a dog’s skin and coat. All of our custom cakes are decorated with dog-safe frosting and sprinkles.  If you would like to place an order for a custom cake, please call us at 303-469-1540.

Custom cake orders require 48-hour notice prior to the day of pickup and a deposit of $11. Local pickup only.

All cakes & cupcakes come with a candle included.
Dog Treats/Cakes:

Pre-Made Cake – $18.99
Custom Cake – $21.00 ($11.00 deposit required)
Pupcake – $7.99
Treats – $3.50/each
(Treat Special May/June: Buy 4 & Get One FREE OR 2 For $6)